Who am I? 
I am a Dublin-based product designer specialising in user research and end-to-end product design. With a focus on collaboration and a deep understanding of user needs, I create compelling designs that align with business goals. I am a flexible designer adept at using different methods and tools within diverse teams. My expertise includes thorough user research, prototyping intuitive interfaces, usability testing, and effectively presenting to teams, managers and stakeholders.

Recently, I worked on a project "Digitalschmiede Bayern" initiated by Bavarian Ministry of Digitalisation and Technical University of Munich where I was the sole designer of an agile and cross-functional team, and developed a digital solution using user-centric, lean and agile methodologies. I earned:
Simultaneously, I worked on a project in UX Tree Mentorship Programme in Dublin. I successfully addressed a specific problem by implementing a comprehensive solution, resulting in my receipt of two awards:

I am taking every opportunity to create human-centric and innovative solutions to improve experiences of people with technology.
Let's Have a  
If you like to learn more about my designs and experiences, you can reach out to me on the platforms below.
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